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Frequently Asked Questions


Gram Panchayat is a local revenue authority where as DTCP HMDA will come under town planning agencies. Gram Panchayat is a governing body which manages panchayat limits.town planning agencies are responsible to develop and update master plans. Town planning agencies have exclusive control over specified areas. for example if certain village is under control of HMDA, then DTCP authorities have no right to verify any work related to that village. similarly if certain village falls under the control of DTCP, then DTCP has no right to handle any matter related to that village. .

As the time passes town planning agencies will update master plans and bring more areas in residential zone. If the land is in agricultural zone and if anyone want to construct on that land or do layout, then they need to apply for conversion (from agriculture to non agriculture ) to planning agencies by paying conversion fees. Once the conversion is done survey numbers are marked ?residential under master plan? .

GP Layout : when a layout is made in agriculture land without conversion from agriculture to residential zone in revenue records you can call it as Gram Panchayat Layout. In case if anyone want to construct on that land first they need to apply for conversion then only they will get permissions from local authority for construction. .

Agri farm plots : farm plots will be sold as agri farm plots for which there is no conversion is required. since no conversion is required for farm plots as of now approval for town planning agencies are not required. .

* One can go for construction of farm house in farm plot as per prevailing regulations. .

DTCP/HMDA Layout : DTCP/HMDA are town planning cum layout approving authorities. In order to approve layout, local revenue authorities i.e., panchayat/municipality has to physically verify land and documents and recommendation has to sent to the town planning agencies along with the link documents. After detailed analysis of ownership and title town planning agency asks Mandal revenue officer for land conversion. Once land is converted then then will give layout approval number
Unapproved and illegal layouts i.e., Gram panchayat layouts (all gram panchayats covered in master plan/urban development authority ) without prior approval from DTCP/UDA/MDA need to be regularized in order to get civic amenities like roads, drainage, water supply, street light. LRS means the scheme of government to regularize un approved and illegal land layouts. the plot owner has to pay all required charges for regularization.
GO 111 is relating to twin lakes of Hyderabad namely Osmansagar and Himayatsagar. The GO relates to protection of both quantity and quality of flows into the lakes. 111GO places curbs on developments that affects inflows into the lakes or water quality in the catchment areas. .

GO 111 covers 84 villages, the land use of 90% of the area is classified as agriculture that includes horticulture and floriculture. the remaining 10% of the zone is notified as prohibited zone wherein polluting industries, major hotels, residential colonies or other establishments that generates pollution are prohibited. .

Note: Since drinking water need of the city are met from Krishna and Godavari and Singuru-manjeera State government has filed an affidavit with National Green Tribunal against GO 111 on 7th December 2016.
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